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What was started by a few Harley ridin'guys who coincidentally met on the InformationSuperSlab, turned into the Annual European Digest Subscribers Tour.

Home of the AEDST

Someone I have met through the Harley Digest after his accident. What happened to him could have happened to any one of us...

Eddie Kieger

The Motorcycle Professionals:

  Harley Davidson:   Rainer & Tibor from US Bike Corner

  Moto Guzzi:   Manfred from Moto Schmitz

I would not have been able to complete my motorcycle projects without your support and great work!   Thanks alot guys, it is always a pleasure!   :-)

More stuff worth to be mentioned:

[ the greatest Rock Band ever ] [ one of the funniest comics ]
[ my local newspaper ] [ my favourite german city ]
[ my favourite beer ] [ another great beer ]