"...remember when we did the moonshot
 and Pony Trekker led the way..."
 Deep Purple - Space Truckin' , 1972
I had decided to give my bike a new outfit, and I knew from the beginning what colour it should be: a very deep purple.  When it came to the logo for the tank, I wanted it to read something else than just Harley-Davidson (obvious anyway, isn't it ??)  One day my jukebox was playing 'Space Truckin' from Deep Purple (again ;-) and all of a sudden I knew what I wanted it to read.

So here it is, in my humble opinion the best bike in the world and my homage to the greatest Rock Band ever , here's my Deep Purple Pony Trekker :

For those with an interest for the details: the paint is 'Monte Carlo Magic' from Standox. It shines in about four different colours, depending on the lighting conditions. These pics have been taken shortly before sunset and it looks kinda blue-ish. It can also shine red or green but mostly of course a deep purple :-)